restoring from a note to my sweetie, midday.

From about 1 to 6 today my sense of time had stopped functioning properly.

Minutes seemed like hours. I kept getting a bad case of the nods, blinking off into Russian sleep and then finding myself looking at a clock, only to discover I’d only been out of it for a moment or two.

I drifted back and forth to being able to hardly keep my eyes open… my body was feeling like a limp dishrag… and my mind, (while firing solidly at code) continued to wander or settle places in the darker recesses of my cranium.

I think that they’re all symptoms of being overtired. Upside, I didn’t feel crabby, though I was rather numbskulled for a while…maybe that’s not the right term. My mind was sharp, but scattered. Thought confetti filled a lot of the cracks.

I feel that the bike ride is what really woke me up. I was a member of the walking dead for a while there.

Some dinner will set me back to totally right.

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