misc image/doodles from today

I know the design goes primarily on the back.

Devil Book!
Thinking about Tech manuals eating into my comfy reading time.

Hieroglyphics… I don’t know what they mean. Random brain burp.

spider web
At the bus stop, waiting for the bus… I wonder if someone punched it? If you look carefully, you can see my bike and me reflected. I like how the heart covers mine.

There was a woman on the bus that was Jaime Farr’s double. Naughty me.

She had a little girl sleeping in her lap. The little girl had a small nose.

Mark (big bird) gave his 2 weeks notice today… the board just shrunk by one… I wonder how that’s going to change the political dynamic?

Board is now Chupa, Santiago, Kev, Finn and the Froot Loop. I’m not fond of the current design… they need to ditch two more. (Kev and Santie need to stay, though)

Brother had a bad asthma attack yeaterday night… I think he was an inch from ER. He’s looking much better today, though, thank goodness.

Early morning appointment for my annual physical tomorrow… you’d think that they could’ve done that while I was attending for my back recently. ah well. It’s going to be pee in a cup, cough, and then out of there. (after a four hour wait, of course).

*sending my sweetheart thoughts of love and happiness*

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