good grief! I’m glad I got a fat hd.

Welcome to Earth & Beyond. You’ve been selected out of thousands of applicants to participate in the public test of the first online role-playing galaxy. After a few easy steps, you’ll be in your own starship and adventuring through a living galaxy populated with thousands of players.

First things first – Download the game!

If you have a broadband connection, you can download the code all at once. It should take between one and two hours.

You’ll need 1.6 GB of space on your hard drive, so make sure there’s room.

[password stuff]

Again, congratulations on making it through the selection process. Even though
the game is still in a test phase with occasional difficulties, we think you’ll
have a great time. We look forward to hearing from you about your experience,
so we can keep improving the game.

Welcome to Earth & Beyond!

Maria “Cerdith” Hamilton
Community Manager, Earth and Beyond Online
Westwood Studios

It looks really neat, thus far.

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