Don’t Be A Victim

Victims generally feel that something bad has happened to them and they, themselves, are in no way responsible for it. Now, authentic victims certainly do exist – let’s be perfectly clear on that. However, in a book called, “A Nation of Victims,” Charles Sykes points out that far too many of us have grown adept at finding someone else to blame for our problems and ignoring our own personal responsibility for them.

When you give up accountability for any aspect of your life, you also give up control. When you give up control, you’re basically saying, “There’s nothing I can do about it. There’s no hope of improvement.” What kind of example are you setting for the young people in your life?

– Lou Tice

The Pacific Institute

I am thoroughly creeped out because Nicolas Cage married Lisa Marie Presley. Why am I wigged?

For one thing, I don’t like Nicolas Cage. Okay, sure, he was good in Moonstruck & Raising Arizona. Since then, however, he’s done role after role in which he relies on a few stock facial expressions, vocal inflections, & hand movements. It’s like he’s the same character, over & over again, with only slight differences.

Second, Cage is, apparently, a huge Elvis fan. So, marrying Elvis’ daughter could be seen as just the ultimate one-upping of collectors of Elvis memorabilia. (“Ha ha, you may have the collectors’ edition stamp, but I married his daughter!”)

Top it all off with the fact that Lisa Marie was once married to Michael Jackson, who is creepier than a fat man in a Sailor Moon outfit. He sends out “creep” vibes that you could use to power a small town. On the SAT, Michael Jackson is to creepy as grape juice is to purple.

So, this marriage is one of those skin-crawling events for me. But hey, good luck to the happy couple!

what’s your inner flower?
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