A moment is eternal… for as long as it lasts.

Ahhh… back from getting groceries. Hooray for a bike with a cargo space! I got a good workout, because I wanted to get ice cream home before it’d melt. A grand experiment. Looks good!

Cherry chocolate chip!

I have too many friends that take the wrong things seriously. Like looking for gritty realism in a BEM movie. They should be appreciating the real story in signs, I think, and not yelping about plot holes… I liked the flick, but a few plot inconsistencies, and many of the geeks I know are treating it like it’s coated in Ebola monkey feces. Pooties on them! They don’t get that it’s a framing technique and that the real story is what’s important.

Ah well.

Moment of Zen –

In my young days I never
Tasted sorrow. I wanted
To become a famous poet.
I wanted to get ahead.
So I pretended to be sad.
Now I am old and have known
The depths of every sorrow,
And I am content to loaf
And enjoy the clear autumn.
– Hsin Ch’i Chi
(Translated by Kenneth Rexroth)

Hmmm – “Most L.A. theater productions get a standing ovation. Are we less discerning, more easygoing or just polite?” Most theatre I’ve gone to does this too…I was wondering if it was a politeness thing, too. I personally like to show appreciation to performers, and to respond to them.

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