Light objects
Mailbox (outdoor) – Adds 1 to attacker’s Damage rating
Crate (outdoor) – +2 squares range when thrown
Desk (indoor) – May be used normally to attack or add 2 to user’s Defense versus one attack. The desk is destroyed when used.
Bookcase (indoor) – Add 1 to attacker’s Attack rating.

The heavy objects are:
Dumpster (outdoor) – Object is never destroyed. The player that used it places it in any square adjacent to the target after use.
Computer (indoor) – Adds 1 to attacker’s Attack rating.
Soda Machine (indoor) – Add 1 to attacker’s Damage.
Light Post (outdoor) – Object does normal damage for a heavy object and Incapacitates the target as if the attacker has the Incapacitate super power.

Well, I got Dave hooked on heroclix… he placed an order for mage knight this morning. I have to send him a link to the full rules, here.

Did my groceries, and cleaned house. How’d I generate so much trash this week? all the supplies ran out, so the packaging for litter, assorted food, and such really bulked it up.

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