Just got back from the movie…. it was nice. Dave & Cathi, with Maya and Luna in tow… My Brother, ci, moloko4, Nicki, and spiderstomper, too.

me, ci, nicki, and dan

spiderstomper, me, ci, nicki and dan

Dave and the baby!

The plate, fork and spoon are painted on the tray. 🙂
Suppertime! Veggie burgers for everyone!

ci, or anybody… if you want the full-size pix, I’ll email ’em to ya.

I was surprised… they all are much better looking in real life. 🙂 (and that’s pretty good…they’re dang cute on lj) Very pleasant time was had. They’re all so tiny! I could carry the lot of them on my shoulders.

It was nice meeting them all… now I can say that I’ve gotten to shake hands or hug more than tarpo and isis. Who’s next in line to meet? I look forward to gabbing with these guys in a more enclosed environment… fun gabbing, and interesting perspectives.

In other news, I tought dave how to play heroclix, and he won, soundly. Bravo, Mr. Bohl… a shame I shall have to destroy you, next time. I’ll know to bring along a few ranged fighters.

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