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Large, fuzzy pod-person, partial to khaki, birks and tie-dye, moderate hippie apparel. Long hair (usually not tied), goatee, stars in his eyes. If on home turf, will be in the company of a ginger cat named Newton. Has been known to carry a palmtop computer, a digital camera, and love for his sweetheart with him at all times…has been seen with a recorder (flute), recently, after a long hiatus.
Aquarius. Loves babies and most animals.
Strengths: Can reach the top shelf. Bathes Regularly. Learns from his mistakes. Admits his mistakes. Happy to help where he can. Absorbs new information quickly. Strong as an Ox. Strong will, but not stubborn. Open-minded about most things. Gives regularly to charity in the form of time, food or blood. Tenacity. Strong self-image. Quick wit.
Weaknesses: Avid dislike of oath-breakers, serious liars, cheats, and folks just out for themselves (takes no pleasure in their company). Nosy. Compartmentalizes people, instead of blending them throughout his social circle. Pod-mind has some difficulty with some fads and attitudes. Very protective of the innocent and loved ones. Bad Back. Slow to trust. Soft diplomatic skills. Blunt. Enjoys unhealthy food. Lousy at chess.
Special Skills: A huge network for information-gathering, including, but not limited to the spy-cows, Internet, and friends with access to *the good stuff*. Excellent scrounging ability. BS-detector is very accurate. Male willing to share the TV remote and ask directions. Computer programming, prose, can run a movie projector, and knows how to manage people. Trivia. Cultural knowhow regarding many subcultures. Dirty infighting. Can read music. Silly voices and impersonations. Babysitting. Banter.
Weapons: Common Sense, Reason, A Really hard left hook…A long reach… Huge, heavy feet. Knowledge of how to take care of business.
Allies: A band of hippies, A band of techs, Danny, Bingo, Brother with a Spear-gun, Sweetheart, and Newton, the cat that can demolish a Newfie.

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