Okie… taking apart big brain for the move to work shortly…

I’m a little nervous about taking them both to work, just because it’s all of my techno-loot… I’d hate to lose my online abilities from home for too long. (Hopefully, both will make it home in one piece tonight.)

Unhappy dreams last night… but I’m happy to have awakened to the discovery that they were just dreams. I don’t like losing people that I love.

From – http://www.nypress.com/15/33/news&columns/signorile.cfm

“Whatever the reasons, you can rest assured that if this were the Clinton administration in office rather than the W administration, the blaring attack headlines would be nonstop and TV news would be on the administration’s butt like there was no tomorrow. If Clinton and Gore were in the White House right now and were involved in the same corporate scandals, two independent investigations–one for Harken, one for Halliburton–would be under way. There would be congressional hearings about why we’ve failed to meet the primary mission in Afghanistan, why we didn’t get the leader of Al Qaeda and the leader of the Taliban, which would shift the entire debate on the effectiveness of the “war on terror.” And there would be another investigation into why the administration was asleep at the switch from the get-go, as Time magazine’s cover story last week showed, stalling the previous administration’s antiterrorism activities. “

A cool gallery of custom-made action figures. (zoe originally pointed this site out to me a long time ago… but they’ve added a lot of customs now.)

a sweet index to the Muppets... even the really obscure guys.

more sumos dressed as sailor scouts

Mortimer at work has taken to bragging about his Buffy fanfics. *There’s* something a 50 year old man should be proud of… writing wank-stories about characters old enough to be his daughters (Characters that he didn’t even create). I’ve sampled a tiny slice, and can honestly say it’s not to my taste. To each their own, though. But… if you ask my opinion… be ready for what I have to say. I couched it in diplomatic terms, but did mention that neither Buffy nor fan fiction nor any sort of porn written by a co-worker is my thing. Ah well. I’m guilty of having written silly little bits about the bionic woman and Bigfoot…(though there were no erotic overtones in it…) so I’m not in the clear, either. I think it’s the bragging that was irritating.

Oh, signage reference.. Might be a nifty site twiddle.

Ok. Time to start pulling plugs, and gathering CDs.

Until later, dear journal.

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