What do you get when you cross a Chinese restaurant with an Indian tribe?

Lo Mien on the totem pole!

*Hides from thrown produce*

I wonder if that’s considered politically incorrect these days?

Aside from the recorder, I have half a mind to pick up the didgeridoo… but first things first.

Heh… now *that*’s a comic book cover, though I sorta dig the the coolest way to fight crime… with fish

Speaking of fish-smacks… I think the sturgeon are up to something.

Random Scotto flashback… 1980. My brother is 8 years old, and he’s making us scrambled eggs with cheese for Saturday breakfast. He’s totally proud of himself, and I think it’s pretty cool too. The eggs were really good, with a dash of pepper on top and with a side of buttered toast. I could go for those right now, honestly… even though the whole uric acid thing is grossitty-gross gross. My brother was a really sweet little kid. (Now, he’s a sweet big kid.)

It turns out that if you dress up your delivery staff in cheap Spiderman outfits, your sales will go through the roof. Love the guy with the glasses. I think the world needs more delivery-people and promoters dressed as superheroes…it’d be like living in Marvel Manhattan!

Newt’s been a morning slacker today… just sort of walking and flopping down to take scritchies. The good life.

9:30… time for the three S’s. Until Later, dear journal.

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