Surfing around LJ, and I see the same idea trends popping up again.

There are some people that assume that think “All men will cheat, given the chance”. Um, no. I believe that what may be true of some, or even most, is rarely true for all.

I am a man.

I’ve had some opportunities here and there, but I’ve never cheated, nor have I even wanted to. I find the idea to be wholly repugnant. The thought of breaking a trust to have some sex? That doesn’t fly.

That does not make me a homosexual, a coward, or weak.

It makes me loyal and true to myself, as well as her.

That’s all I have to say about that. /gump

In other news…

I want a computer like orlando jones in the time machine. (I just watched it the other night… I downloaded that and the unreleased fantastic four movie. I’d love to get my hands on the Dr Doom mask from that.)

I’m drawing “crop circles” in Newton’s fur with my finger… he seems to be enjoying it. He’s purring like a demented lawnmower, anyhow.

Breakfast this morning – Quaker oats instant Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal (3 packets)

Laughable word of the day –

fartlek (FART-lek) noun

A method of training, originally developed for runners, that involves intense activity interspersed with low effort. For example, sprinting and walking.

[From Swedish fart (speed) + lek (play).]

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