There’s a really fascinating, enthralling article in The New York Times Magazine about the science of coincidence and conspiracy theories. Amazing reading, and written in a great page-turner style.

there are no words to describe you.
except maybe: strange. unique. different.
what kind of child were you?

I cannot find the Monastery of Heaped Fragrance,
Miles up now into the clouds of the summit.
There is no footpath through the ancient woods.
Where did the bell sound,
Deep in the forest, deep in the mountain?
The voice of the torrent gulps over jagged stones;
Sunlight hardly warms the bluish pines.
As dusk deepens in these unfathomable mazes,
I practice meditation
To subdue the dragon of desire.

– Wang Wei (701-761)

Bear teeth… Maybe I’ll get a nice fossil, and make it into a necklace. 🙂

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Time for beddy-bye. Until tomorrow, dear journal!

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