Well, Kev’s sis will be in ICU for a few more days, but she seems to be doing well. I’m making up a goodie bag for her now, so Kev can take it to her tomorrow.

Let’s see. A Few Tick Comic Books…Copy of the Dangerous lives of altar boys, and Nightmare of Ecstasy… (Ed wood Bio.) I think that’ll keep her happy for a little while.

No foodie-goodies for her… on an IV, and only allowed shaved ice to suck on. When she gets out, we’ll have to get her a tasty can or three of Hawaiian punch.

Looks like a colostomy bag for a few months, but it’s better than having it for life. I don’t imagine she’s taking it too well… she’s pretty sensitive. I really can’t visit until she’s out of ICU.

In other news… Apartment cleaned, and I have groceries for the week. Brother has asthma pretty bad, so he’s chilling out today.

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