Ok, I’m officially a dork.

Newt as a heroclix –

Range 0
Arrows 1
Front Arc 360
Rear Arc 0

Click Number 1 2 3 (4-12 is a KO)

Speed 10 8 6 <-(all clicks are orange) LEAP/CLIMB. This character can leap or climb over characters and terrain. When you give this character a move action, he can ignore the effects of other characters or hindering terrain on movement. This character may end his movement on top of outdoor blocking terrain. This character may make a close combat attack against a figure in an adjacent square regardless of the target's elevation Attack 10 8 7 <- (red, the first three clicks) BLADES/CLAWS/FANGS - Give this character a close combat action. If the attack succeeds, roll 1 six-sided die. This is the number of clicks of damage you inflict on the target figure instead of this character’s normal damage value. Defense 18 14 12 <- (red, all clicks) Super senses- This character can avoid being hit in combat. When this character is successfully hit by a ranged or close combat attack, roll 1 six-sided die. On a result of 5 or 6, the attack misses this character instead. Damage 1 0 0 <-(all clicks are black) OUTWIT -This character can use intelligence, experience and luck to cancel one super power of another character. Once during your turn, this character may "turn off" a super power on a target character; treat the target as if it does not have the cancelled power. That power remains cancelled until the beginning of your next turn. This character must be within 10 squares of the target and have a clear line of fire to that figure. Instead of a power, you may choose to cancel a flying figure’s ability to soar. The soaring figure is considered to be hovering for that turn. If this character loses Outwit or is defeated, the cancelled power returns immediately. This power does not cost an action to use. Scotto as a Heroclix - Range 0 Arrows 1 Front Arc 360 Rear Arc 0 Click Number 1 2 3 4 5 (6-12 is a KO) Speed 5 4 4 2 2 <-(first click is green) CHARGE. This character can move and then make a close combat attack using the same action. When you give this character a move action, he may move up to half his speed value and then make a close combat attack as if he had been given a close combat action. This close combat attack does not cost an extra action. This character may use any of its powers that require a close combat action. This character does not suffer knockback Attack 9 8 7 6 4 <- (green, the first two clicks) SUPER STRENGTH. This character can pick up objects and use them as weapons to inflict additional damage. During a move action, this character may pick up and carry an object in an adjacent square at no additional cost. Objects increase the damage of a close combat attack and can be thrown (see the Objects section of the rulebook). If a character loses this power while holding an object, immediately place the object in the square he occupies. Defense 15 14 13 12 <- (orange, the first two clicks) TOUGHNESS. This character reduces damage delivered to him by 1 click. Subtract 1 from any damage inflicted on this character by ranged or close combat attacks, or by super power effects that deliver damage. Toughness does not reduce pushing or critical-miss damage. Damage 2 2 3 2 1 <-(last three are orange) BATTLE FURY. This character may not be given a ranged combat action. This character is also immune to Mind Control and cannot be carried. Scotto Team Powers - When a member of the Scotto team is defeated (shows 3 KOs in the stat slot), every other friendly Scotto team member receives 1 click of healing.

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