No dice on the recorder.. and my nearby comic shop is price-gouging for single figures… The other place was $1 yelow, $2 blue, $3 red… PPF had the same stuff for $2 yellow, $3.50 blue, $5 red.

fark that noise… I’ll just have danny pick some up for me at the cheaper zone.

juliabee put me on to a nifty idea, too… making custom ones! I’ve got more army men than I know what to do with…the click bases don’t look too difficult to replicate.

Another fun thing.. I was in Eckerd’s, and back to school sales are going.. protractors, index cards… all sorts of cool school supplies. They still make trapper keepers! I remember waaaay back in the halcyon days of my youth when they were introduced. Before them…. oh, the humanity… a stack of duo-tang folders, a different color for each class, each course written on the cover neatly in black felt tip. If they didn’t have internal pockets, you were hosed, and possibly doomed to lose information.

I couldn’t resist. I bought a Duo-tang folder. Orange. With internal pockets. It cost me $0.23…I think it’ll be my new Recorder music book… 🙂 Now, I just have to pick up that recorder.

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