Well, Laundry is done!

I woke and slept in staggering shifts all night and part of the morning. I only remember a fragment of a dream…I was sitting indian-style on the floor at work, because my pants were ripped for some reason.

My brother was going to pawn his Ps2 to cover old debts…I told him I’d lend him whatever money he needed…he told me to hang onto his playstation as incentive for him to pay him back… I told him ok, but that if he really wanted it back, he could come and get it. Meantime, I have a playstation in the house. Kind of nifty to have a DVD player that’s not attached to a hard drive. (I give him three days before he’s bored out of his gourd, and wants it back. ;))

Games are – Spiderman, GTA3, a surfing game, a racecar game, a football game, a soccer game, motocross, and skateboarding.

I’m enjoying Spidey… Bruce Campbell does the tutorial and narrator voice-overs, and it’s pretty fun…. but I think that I’ll be taking a nap soon, to try to recover my electrical charge, and remove this little headache-seed that’s beginning to bloom.

The Premo’s subs by the Laundromat makes a fantastic veggie sub! Big and filling! *pats tummy* Fountain Root beer, and a choc-chip cookie for dessert. I’m set for a while.

Two years ago today, they implemented interests on LJ… I’m still disappointed that they limit them to 150 now.

Thick, hard rain just came out of *nowhere* that’s my bedtime cue. seeya, dear journal!

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