silly spam… why would *I*, the jolly green giant want human growth hormone?

Found out today that my accumulated sick time doesn’t accumulate. my 99.9123 hours left has been nullified, and I lost 3 days of my vacation time as a result. what it boils down to is that they stole over two weeks of paid time off from me, in case I have to do any hospital time. Also, they’ve told me that I have to use my vacation time before next June, because it no longer accumulates too, it resets.

I’m going to see if they can give me my 240 hours of vacation partially in pay, then… because there’s no way that I’ll just throw money away… or, if they like, I’ll just take a week off every month for the next six months. Somehow, I don’t think that they’ll let that happen. Same thing happened to Kev, and he’s got more time built up than I do!

After all is said and done, from now on I’ll get three personal days, three weeks vacation, and three sick days a year. Since I’m salaried, they don’t count any day that I’m in for at least four hours off of my time…. so I foresee a lot of 2-6 workdays in my future, too. ; P

I bet my dad would’ve made one of these for me as a kid.

Dang. Scientists in Australia are testing a new jet (called a scramjet) that may allow air travel at eight times the speed of sound. That would theoretically allow you travel around the world in about 5 hours.

Coming soon: New hackable kids toys. Can you imagine hacking the Instant Messaging stream and making the toys swear? Or saying things like “There’s a monster in your closet. I saw it. I’m your pal.” Oh, I can see so many cool and evil uses for those.

You thought telemarketers are annoying? How about commuter-quizzers? – Motorists on a busy interstate were flagged down at random to participate in a marketing survey about attitudes on a proposed high-speed railway to be built along the highway. Needless to say many of those “selected” were rather off-put by the tactics of the marketing company, and quite a few expressed their doubts about the legality of the operation.

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I’ve got nice pot of earl gray tea.

I’m going to hit the sack fairly early tonight… catch up with my battery charging. I’m going to read a little bit before bed, though. I hope that tonight I get a full line of snooze in.

Nighty night, dear journal.

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