late-night tv

weird.. I can’t sleep, turn on the TV, and see ana voog talking to an ex boyfriend Chris (who was not talking to her because she’d been nude on cam), and LiveJournal is getting a mention… sally jessy raphael. the topic was “boyfriend, I’m a stripper, deal with it”…

sort of odd to catch both ana and a LJ mention at 2:45 in the morning. out of left field. I poke my nose in ana’s journal and it turns out that it was a set up… It was ana that pointed me to LiveJournal way back a few years ago… well, she handled herself much better than when she was on vibe a few years back. Creepy psych guy making snap judgments, and Ana telling him that he’s making cruel and misinformed judgments. (I agree with ana on that one.)

“El Dorado” discovered in Peruvian Amazon, explorers claim

Hmmm.. they’ll discover Belgium, next.

back to bed! nigh nigh, dear journal!

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