freaky forehead bone-looking sand amazes me how many people thought that Newt and I have synched digestive cycles, and about the sand dollar thing.

there’s a chirpy bird outside that’s driving Newt to distraction.. he’s peering out the window as I type, trying to figure a way to get to it.

Random American history factoid – in 1585, the first English colonists arrived in Roanoke Island, Virginia. (Now North Carolina). by 1590, all of the settlers had disappeared. The word “CROATOAN” is found carved into a tree.

Talked with my sweetheart, and now we’re both off to do chores! Mmm.. she makes the day complete. 🙂 Got to call the bro, and see if he needs any laundry done, while I’m at it.

until later, dear journal!

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