back from supper out with the bloods.

we went to “sweet tomatoes” and had all you can eat salad, soup and pasta.

Once in the parking lot, I commenced oral evacuation of supper and lunch too for good measure. Brother and Mother seem to be in good health, so I suspect that it wasn’t a result of the food at the dinner-place.

I feel fine now… save for a minor tightness in my gut from hurling my fill of above.

In an unrelated note, I’m looking forward to doing laundry on Saturday. Not sure why. I just want all my clothes clean. A weird urge.

I hope south park is even 1/10th as funny as it was last week. I’m still doing the great wall Mongolian Chinese death dance *FWASSSSSH*

Hee.. it’s about sea monkeys. good start.


oh, and the new semagic client is nice!

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