GRASP is short for Gravity Research for Advanced Space Propulsion. A Russian scientist has apparently managed to create an anti-gravity device. Potentially, this could be used to create a weapon that could vaporize objects hundreds of kilometers away with a beam of 1000 g’s of force. It sounds pretty far out to me, but for some reason, both NASA and Boeing are taking it seriously.

NASA’s attempts to replicate the research have so far failed because they lacked his “unique formula.”

Who was the MJ-12 researcher who squished himself with symbols he carved after researching the Roswell craft?

A map plotting the HQs of 676 active hate groups in the US. You can click on a state and get a detailed run-down of what groups are in each city.

Wednesday night, plan on going out for Chinese, Thai, or Italian with mom and the bro.

It’ll have to be sometime after 8pm, because I have to work until then. Either they can meet me at work, or wait an additional hour for me to get home.

Jenjen’s getting married? last I’d heard, she wasn’t even dating anyone. I’ve got to get the skinny on *that* tidbit. John? sakes.

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