Went to All Books and Records with the bro… he got the spider-man ps2 game for a song (direct trade for street fighter 3….) and I got a copy of The Big Book of the Weird Wild West… he had things to do today, so we parted company there, and I went on to Past Present Future. Sadly, they had no copies of UA2 left in stock, but they’ll hold one and call me when it comes in. I did get gifties for the office however…The Essential Spider-Man, Volume 1, The Essential Fantastic Four Volume 1, Essential Hulk, and Essential Dr. Strange. That should keep Kevin, Karen, and myself busy for a while during the slow-compile, data-crunching times. I added a couple of those to my wish list, too…just so I can remember to order myself the Howard the duck collection. Waugh! Next time I send off a goodie bag, I’m going to get a few of the used things for myself. (No point in paying $4 shipping for a $4.50 book.)

Here’s the trip I took today…not bad… about 13 miles round trip(with shortcuts and bus travel not counting). a healthy haul (mind you, I had a nice shopping breather twice in between. It was a nice enough day that I didn’t take the bike too far on the bus… but it was nice to know that the option was there if I’d tuckered out. Needless to say, I did shortcut through the park on the way home, so you can shave about a mile off there. I’m bone tired now, but feel good after having had a nice shower.

A Picture of a squirrel from Holiday Park. He was drinking from a puddle, and I barely had time to catch him. I’m happy that I snapped him in motion!
run, little rodent! Run!

The ride was *much* more pleasant on the way back… it was cooling off, instead of the noon-oven. *Worn out*

nap time for an hour… looking forward to sweetie-time tonight.

until later, dear journal.

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