Exciting, sexual, emotional dreams last night… Very erotic and pleasant…I woke up a-tingle, with my sweetheart’s name on my lips. I wrote more about it in my dream log… I’ll transcribe it for private reading later today.

Somehow or another, the computer turned off last night… very odd. was there a power outage? I didn’t hear the ups chirp.

I’m vain enough to notice that I’m getting more gray in my beard… but not so vain that I mind. I must’ve been on testosterone overdrive this weekend, because my face furred up fast…it was like mowing the yard after a week of summer rain.

I’ve currently got no real complaints… I could certainly bitch about a few things, but nothing so major that it bears talking about. I think that’s a good place to be. I like to count my blessings regularly. Those that I love know it. (I feel that Newt understands, even though English isn’t his strong suit.)

Scotto factoid time. Is it? Sure, why not?

I go through cycles of sound. Some periods, I need to have something going in the background… soft music, television, the whir of the A/C… If I can hear myself breathing, then it becomes a distraction.

Other times, I want it so quiet that I can hear the blood pump in my body while at rest. I like to lay awake at night, with my ear pressed against a bicep, or Newton’s side, and just listening to things happening inside…the creak of a tendon, squish of blood being pushed through a vein, or in Newton’s case… hear his tummy digesting a midnight snack or purring like a lawnmower. It’s also fun to hear him eat.

When I smell ozone, I think that I can fly. I have no idea why that is, but I feel simultaneously energized and relaxed by the stuff.

Before Newton, there were times when I’d gone an entire weekend without speaking a single word aloud. I wonder if I was trapped on a desert island on my own, how long my silence would rule. I think I’d end up “singing in the shower”, if there was a warm waterfall nearby, but might not speak much outside of that.

I’m really impressed by Charlotte Church lately… she’s got an amazing talent.

Time for me to move… see you later, dear journal!

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