I dreamt last night that I was spelunking, and found a big, open cave with an underground river, full of blind, albino/transparent crayfish. I was up with the sun this morning…and opted to run around the house with Newtie in the A/C rather than riding up to the beach…so sue me. 🙂 I like to play with the baby, y’know.

Note to self… need more cat-sand and cat-food by Saturday night.

Holding off on the epidural for a while… that’s a good thing. My back is Jim-dandy right now, anyhow.

N Arr… I be a pi-r8. N With me faithful orange-parrot-cat I be a downloadin’ like a fool, I be. got some spiffy new toys to investigate… most of it flashy-stuff, just to teach myself more when I get more time. I also have a good line on a new plot for a short story, I think.

Ooh… the anagram server is nifty. scottobear can be rearranged quite a few ways, with a minimum of effort. I especially like “Boca’s Otter”, “Tote Cobras”, “Cat Booster”, “Taboo Crest” and “Reboot Scat”

Well, off to the showers… then to work! Be home tonight, dear journal.

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