Going to the lab this morning at 7:30…

I think that afterwards, I’m going back home to lie down! Sakes… I’m going to be fried about 2pm, otherwise.

Hey, look! It’s the Joy Machine! I want one for under my house!

Actually, I’m already pretty beat. *creeeak* Fresh from the shower, steam knocked me out.

Hmm… angry corn ghosts burning police cars... There’s a story there, somewhere.

Two Sheriffs Deputies park their cruisers and enter a cornfield looking for marijuana plants. They find some, then notice some smoke rising in the distance. When they investigate the smoke, they find their cruisers engulfed in flames.

Since they came to a cornfield on a dirt road, they looked for a dust cloud to see if anyone had recently driven by. There wasn’t one.

That can surely be spun off into something.

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