punquin just found this post… it’s only well over two years old. 🙂 I think it was one of the first “get to know me” memes to circulate around the LJs. It’s interesting… not all of those items are true anymore, but *most* are.

Newt’s taken to curling up in the bathroom sink…it’s just the right depth and radius to hold him in a little bowl-hug. The downside is that he’s such a sweetie that it’s difficult for me to kick him out of there, should I decide to brush my teeth or shave. The solution? Do dental prep, first. as soon as I open the toothpaste tube, he’s pretty much awake and in my face, looking for mint, so then I can turn on the water without over-moistening the little boy.

What Was Your PastLife?

Off for a little walk…see you when I get back, dear journal!

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