It’s nice to have my brother so nearby.

Thinking about the late 90’s… 99? the scent of old cigarettes on my shirt… spilled beer. I’m glad I don’t work at SG anymore. I think it’s officially closed down now, since last summer. I remember when they lost their liquor license, but continued to be open, with a “BYOB” policy, and just served soft drinks.

Only real test there was the test of will to get a better job, instead of staying someplace where it was easy to slack off.

Just got an email from a menstrualhut member who was upset about being chewed out by another user for posting an off-topic request for a lj-code. I let her know that I was sorry she was disrespected, but to please keep the posts on-topic. it got pretty ugly… folks calling one another “idiot”, “bitch”, “cunt” and “rag-whore” before I could get on top of it. I may need to make a general post to the community, and request that people keep a little respect for one another. I’m still pleased that I only have to deal with that sort of nonsense once in a blue moon.

I’m way behind on reading my fellow-journalists. either that, or I miss seeing some posts when they happen. Lately a few entries have slipped past, and I’ve only seen them when they’ve been referred to elsewhere.

“A team of researchers in central Africa say they’ve uncovered what appears to be the earliest evidence of the human family ever found — a skull, jawbone and teeth between 6 million and 7 million years old.”

Meeting with Bonbon today to establish exactly why she’s *still* abandoned the log program in favor of paper routines. She’s given different excuses to me and to Kev.

To me… “If I can’t run it on all the machines, I’ll just use the paper logs.” (One of the machines is stand-alone, and won’t support outside software on it.. it’s been installed on three other workstations throughout the room. she can take literally four steps to the other machine and enter her log from there. Even if that was the case, it doesn’t explain why she doesn’t use it on the other machines… and the software is in place to keep track of inventory, so we know how much has been printed, what to charge our client, and when to order more supplies.

To Kevin “It doesn’t do everything I want it to do” (Claiming it doesn’t have features she needs) If that’s the case, why did she tell me, the guy who *asked* every day as I was writing it “What features would you like? Any Reports you want to see? Any special things you’d like on the layout?” and then went on to cite examples and offer suggestions.

So, today, we’re both going to sit down with her and find out what we can do to make her use the program, and if it requires more features. I think that she’s going to putt some features out of her backside, wait the day or whatever for me to implement them, and then continue to ignore any new software that comes her way. If (when) that happens, she’s going to be in a world of trouble with Kev, and I’ll be annoyed because that’ll be my time that’s been wasted. We need to ask her directly and together why she’s not using it, and tell her that the paper logs will be *gone* either Today (if no upgrades are needed) or a week from the final program launch (to allow for bug-killing and education of the staff). The paper logs should never return.

She’s setting up a power vacuum over there… Has both of her sons working in the room with her. She thinks that if she leaves, she’ll take her boys with her and hose the company, or worse, leave her boys there, and hose the company from the inside.

That won’t happen… We’ll just pay the other folks overtime until we get good replacements for them all… we have decent redundant systems in place. I’m glad that I’m not her immediate supervisor… she answers pretty directly to Big Bird. If BB can’t handle it, Kevin will deal with things properly.

I’m not looking forward to the meeting, but I’ll be happy once a resolution is in place. Internal support can sometimes be more difficult than writing software for an outside client.

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