We’re tested all the time. Some tests are more challenging than others…tests of skill… authority, knowledge, faith, adaptability, trust…probably quite a few more that I’ve not put my finger on yet.

I wonder if people who suffer from test anxiety in school also suffer from test anxiety from those that the world throws at us?

Even though I’m very fortunate in that most of the tests I’ve had to deal with are usually challenging, but not so difficult that they can’t be overcome. I’ve had quite a few take me right to the edge, though, and I can certainly think of a couple that I’d rather not take again.

note to self, post about some of the more interesting or challenging tests.

I’d like to see this take off as a meme, folks posting in their journals about a particular test they had to deal with…(and lazy me would like folks to post a link here if they do…so I can read ’em all!)

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