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You are Thoth, the most intellectual of the Egyptian gods. You savor the muses in all their forms, and you’d rather observe than take action. You are considered peerlessly just, and so you are often considered the arbiter of the gods.

Cleaning out the oven was a beast, but it’s happy and good, now…. seeds outside are nicely moist, Newtie’s box is fresh and clean. The cheap $30 frame that came with the box spring and mattress broke a wheel-leg, so that’s been tossed… I’ll get a decent headboard and frame shortly. I’m glad Newt didn’t like going under the bed.. if he’d been under that corner, he could’ve been badly hurt. I got pretty upset about that, after falling out, and landing on my tailbone. I don’t mind wounded pride, but don’t dare put the little guy in an environment where danger is an element. Heck, I worry if he ever has a little mat in his fur, until I can confirm that it’s not a bug bite or something. So, I’ve officially cussed my first in the new place.

Only chores left to do this weekend are laundry, pick up the assorted cardboard shreds from Newtie’s chew-box and I need to go shopping for queen sized sheets for my bed. I think I’ll save those for tomorrow, or later tonight, if I get the gumption.

I slept poorly last night… not sure why, just kept tossing and turning, getting up and sitting down, reading in spurts, but not absorbing what’s on the page. A case of sleepy-brain / wakeful body. I do remember one of my dreams last night.. I was in an old church and there was some sort of deadly gas outside. I was with a few people, and we had to raid the supplies to survive, eating bread and wine.. for some reason they had cheese & white grapes in there too. (Not all that bad, really, come to think of it.) We had to keep one person riding a bicycle or on a rowing machine at all times to insure the church was airtight… the gargoyles on the outside had blowers for mouths that kept the fumes at bay. Those statues weren’t all standard grotesques, by the way… among the impish ones there were an assortment of birds and four-legged beasts… a pelican, an owl, a ram, a pug dog…. I’m sure there were others that I don’t recall. There were a few good points of view… the belfry was exceptional, but we must’ve been crazy to go up there.. no seals, but it was safe. I don’t recall there being any bells up there… I don’t know where they might’ve been.

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