I coughed today, and heard an echo of my father.

I clear my throat in the exact same way. I had no idea until this morning.

Comforting, and sort of disconcerting at the same time. My brother and I have similar voice patterns, but not similar voices. genetic? learned? a little of both, I think.

reread robinson crusoe last night… I never noticed a specific error before… he strips down naked, swims to the ship for supplies, and then puts the supplies in his pockets… what is he, a marsupial?

good deed of the day – gave my all day bus pass to a guy as I got home.. saved him $2.50.

bought cat food, and seeds to plant in the garden area under my south and eastwindows…. sweet alyssum, and moonflowers. I may crossplant some catgrass out there too, for Newt’s friendly visitor.

Well, off to the showers, and a book to read in my NEW bed.gnite, dear journal.

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