word of the day – tope.. isn’t that a color, too?

tope (tope) verb tr., intr.

To drink (liquor) habitually and copiously.

[Of uncertain origin, perhaps from obsolete top (to drink) as in “top off”.]

tope (tope) noun

A small shark with a long snout (Galeorhinus galeus).

[Of unknown origin.]

tope (tope) noun

A usually dome-shaped monument built by Buddhists. Also known as a stupa.

[From Hindi top, from Prakrit or Pali thupo, from Sanskrit stupa (head).

Some pictures of,
tope, the fish: http://www.seatrek.org/curriculum/reference/species/tope.htm
tope, the building: http://www.buddhanet.net/sanchi.htm

Danny’s running a little late, so I actually *do* have time to hop online for a moment. πŸ™‚ Happy first day of Summer, dear journal! I’m busily being nuzzed by Newt as I brush my teefies…. the little boy likes the minty-freshness… He’s taken to relaxing on top of the monitors again, lately, as the rain on the window isn’t terribly appealing to him.

The new Carvel commercial with the singing “fudgie the whale and cookie puss rap” is oddly disturbing… I miss the old guy just saying “We gots Cookie puss.. come one down and have one” in a gravelly old new yorker accent.

Oh.. I was thinking of taupe

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