Scotto is… (seen around LJ… rgladiator and sholanda got me at the same time)

as sought on Google –

  • Scotto is the last of the mad-genius sopranos, dementodiva
  • Scotto is often referred to as the “NBC Commissary”.
  • Scotto is worth further exploration.
  • Scotto is likely to wear something like an alligator-textured vinyl miniskirt.
  • Scotto is pleased with les Braves’ progress because he has 12 new players, including the 10 rookies.
  • Scotto is an Assistant professor of theory at the Eastman School of Music.
  • Scotto is a Cal Poly alumnus, and is certified in horseshoeing and artificial insemination in beef cattle.
  • Scotto is first and foremost a man of the theatre.
  • Scotto is often the target of raised eyebrows, indulgent sighs and catty comments.
  • Scotto is tart majd mesterkurzust.
  • Scotto is stoically drinking a Coke, but his buddies at the table are downing Coors beer.
  • Scotto is approximately thirty years old and inexperienced in matters involving OSHA citations.
  • Scotto is the 14,186th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.001
  • Scotto is famous from his legendary NASA parties in NYC and has been on tour with Moby, Dubtribe, Orbital, Dee-lite & the Prodigy.

last but not least –

  • Scotto is still being a pain in everybody’s ass.

Newt is…

  • Newt is a newtonian telescope design program
  • NEWT is the taxonomy database maintained by the Swiss-Prot group.
  • Newt is divided into four subspecies.
  • Newt is the subject of Koen’s Master Thesis study
  • newt is written in C, not C++.
  • Newt is very sensitive to “who” he is visiting.
  • newt is lemon yellow in color with black dots
  • Newt is a menace to society.
  • newt is widespread in the county, but there are areas in the extreme south, north west and north east where it has not been recorded
  • Newt is dynamic enough that it cannot be summed up in one sentence or a catchy phrase
  • Newt is slender and has relatively dry skin
  • Newt is an extremely sweet fella although most people do not get to witness that side of him
  • Newt is already talking about his plans to become Speaker of the House
  • Newt is special because he is my best friend and companion.
  • newt is slightly moist (just enough to keep its skin from drying out), with rough-scaleless skin and indistinct coastal grooves
  • “Newt” is often used by the monosyllable-challenged to refer to a Newton.

Which Kiss are You?
Which Kiss Are You?

I slept too late to do my walk this morning… Hopping in the shower now to get ready for work. I can’t believe I slept for nearly 10 and 1/2 hours! I blame it on the rain… yeah, yeah. Sakes… did I just quote Milli Vanilli? I must be still asleep. See you post-rain-box, dear journal.

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