Rainy Morning… cool, and moist.

Well, the first alternate near me looks ok… but I’m sort of getting my heart set on being a little closer to where my brother lives.

I talked to a few other possibilities down in Lauderdale… there’s one that’s a little expensive, but is quite nice… I’m still hoping that the one I really want gets his act together, and cleans it up properly. The cottage is ok… about $90 more a month than I wanted to pay, but the utilities are included. (so it’s really only about $25-50 more, depending on the A/C costs)… and it’s not available until the bottom of July. (which means I might take a month to month lease hear, just for July… we’ll see how the deadline goes.

Looks like this Saturday will be spent in Lauderdale, eyeballing some of the properties there.

I’m confident that a good place will be found.

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