good news, dear journal.


there’s always room for hooves!


Bill Cosby, what did they pay you to hawk that stuff?

I was wondering… in the olden days… did wooden legs warp? I’m thinking about pirates out at sea in the salt air and rain, especially. My sweetheart, ever the font of wisdom suggested that they be made of cypress wood, the same as ocean vessels… minimal bulging and warping. She always surprises me with the knowledge she has stored inside… wonderful having ideas bounced back and forth between us. I was thinking of sandalwood for its durability… (It was used to make sandals, after all… and it’s a fragrant material, too.)

It’d be cool to see a peg leg carved like a totem pole or a tiki god.

I wonder how feasible a robotic monkey tail would be… worn with a belt, controlled by muscle flexes ? upholster it like a Muppet or with faux leather.

I got my place. I met with Francesco tonight, and gave him first, last and security… and now have a signed receipt from him noting the duration of the lease, and a set of keys. (It’s active until 6/30/03).. I will be moving in Saturday Morning… and calling tomorrow about getting my assorted utilities turned on by that time, and the current landlord about getting my security deposit back. (that $525 will come in quite handy. for my new bed.) He still needs to finish a few things… clean the shelves and polish off the bathroom and kitchen, but it’s nothing that he can’t have done before I back the truck up. He tried to act like he didn’t know about Newt… but I nipped that in the bud. No Newt, No Deal.

Now, I just have to spend tomorrow night packing up everything but survival gear and cleaning this place up… make it sparkle so that I deserve every last penny back.

I suspect that I’ll be moving again in a year (or maybe sooner, if the right place comes along in the area) but for now, it’ll do just fine. Cheers, Dear Journal!

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