good morning, dear journal

MS Linux: Shipping in November 2002 – Hee hee…

eclipse was weak from where I was last night.. only about 4% obscured… plus, it was raining.

Going to breakfast with Danny… he’s still decompressing from teaching… but he’s bringing over my Christmas present! A new Office chair… (he got tired of waiting for me to pick one out. 🙂 )

So, after assembling the thing, we’ll hit Ronnie B’s or someplace that has cuisine that meets his needs… he’s on a low-sodium, low cholesterol diet. I think we can do ok at ‘RBs… they have egg beaters there.

Not sure what we’ll do after eating.. I have to go to work today, but we should have about three good hours to hang out before I do that. Probably sit and shoot the breeze. We’ll see. Until later, dear journal.

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