but it’s spelled doughnuts! not donuts!

Happy Birthday, ly!

This morning’s walk was pleasant… stopped at the grove and got some OJ for the return trip home. I’ll miss Mack’s being so nearby… I’d wager that there’s some little mom & pop place where I can get juice or a bagel in the morning within walking distance of my next place… there always is.

I should know tonight if the place by my brother’s is mine. Odds are really good that I’ll get it… I’d say… 80% or greater?

They’re taking out the carpet, and tiling it… I think it’s just a question of lighting a fire under ’em to get it done in time for me to move in.

I woke craving those little chocolate-covered doughnuts… I haven’t had ’em in years, but something set that off….I suspect that I’ll have to buy a little roll of them the next time I pass a gas station or a 7-11… or at least a real doughnut somewhere else. Maybe even the gigantic Entenmann’s version… but if I do that, I’ll need milk too.

[ open to John Belushi preparing to do the Olympic high jump ]
Announcer: John Belushi is on his way to a gold medal in the Decathlon! They’re setting the bar at seven feet – here’s his approach..

[ John Belushi runs toward the bar. Quick cut to John jumping over the top of the bar. Quick cut to John landing on the grass. ]

Announcer: He got it! Belushi’s won the gold, now he’s going for the world’s record!

[ cut to John Belushi running long-distance sprint and winning, as his fans crowd around him ]

[ cut to John at home ]

John Belushi: [ seated at breakfast table smoking a cigarette ] I logged a lot of miles training for that day. And I downed a lot of doughnuts. Little Chocolate Donuts. They taste good, and they’ve got the sugar I need to get me going in the morning. That’s why Little Chocolate Donuts have been on my training table since I was a kid.

[ cut to John Belushi going for the gold in the javelin toss ]

Announcer: Little Chocolate Donuts. The donuts of champions.

Speaking of weird food, a year ago today, my sweetheart was eating atomic fireballs. Time to send her some more.

I wonder what it’ll be like, leaving this neighborhood…. no more mall of the dead, no more strip mall of sin… no more pompano beach cemetery, where the wife from “Good Times” is buried.

The new region will have other footpaths to explore… it’s as near to the beach, and is close to the art theatre and archives bookstore. I’m looking forward to breaking new ground and discovering that domain….and that it’ll be discovered in the summer, when human traffic is minimal. The natives seem to get along better when there’s less rush or stress…. makes sense to me.

I’m pretty excited… at the point now where I want to do the move and be in the new place. I hope Newt likes his new environs…he’s pretty adapatable, moved once already, and travels well.

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