the powerpuff girls movie is rated PG?

Rated PG for non-stop frenetic animated action.

hmm… I do like being able to see why films are rated the way they are.

bob marley’s life is fascinating… I have to ask dale about some of the places in jamacia. 🙂

at ten tonight I’m going to forage for a little dinner-nibble, unless I get to gab with mah sweetie… shared pizza with my bro at about 5… I only had two slices, though, so I’ve got the hungries again. The fridge has a 2 liter of coke, a 2-liter of water, about 4 bites of chinese food from last nights dinner (General tso’s tofu…. good stuff!)and a cold-pack in it.. I have plenty to eat in the cupboard, though. I just feel too lazy to open cans or packets. I’m of a mind to meander a little.,

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