I got my phone, DSL and power switched over without a hitch… I have a new phone number now, because I located to a different exchange…but it’s a simple one to remember and it’s a nice pattern on the keypad. I have to get change of address forms at the post office tomorrow morning, and phase two will be complete. All that’ll remain is getting my stuff moved, and my security deposit back.

Breakfast with Danny tomorrow morning… I’ll get to hear how the wedding went today, and if he suffered through dancing or stood up to peer pressure and told them about his torn ligament. I hope he made a point of being strong, and abstained from hurting himself. I think we’ll hit Mack’s Groves, just because I won’t be visiting there unless I have business in the region from now on. I think that the new place will probably be the Floridian diner or one of the little places on Los Olas… or we’ll hit the Starlight Diner, because it’s close to where I work.

I gave him Kathy Wu’s phone number… I wonder if they’ll communicate much? I suspect not, just because Danny’s schedule is so hectic with what’s going on between his dad, his leg, summer classes, and assorted whatnot.

His Dad is released today from the hospital.. it sounds like he’s on the mend nicely from his Whipple Procedure.

Kevin is back from the doctor today… He’s been prescribed “Stress pills”… he says that he’s not been consciously feeling it, but the body certainly has been roughing him up.

I’d been hoping to have the 5th off as well as the 4th, but it looks like that might not happen. Perhaps a half-day, because things will be slow. I’ll be happy if I can get home by 6, instead of 9.

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