Back from my morning walk.. just in time, I think… the skies are ominous, threatening to open up at any moment.

I was thinking of a saying that came from who knows where… “Wishes are identical triplets; regrets are the legions of the damned”.. and have been thinking about that. I have very few regrets. Certainly not a legion of ’em. As for wishes, (not counting the meta-wish of asking for more wishes) I like the idea of people having peace of mind, comfort, and just enough challenges to keep things from being dull.

Maybe that’s my poddishness coming out. I certainly don’t want fame, and fortune… I only really would like it for the security blanket side of it. There are troubles that come with too much funding, as well.

“1-800-AUTOPSY provides the following services:

Forensic autopsies
Private, full & complete autopsies
Partial, limited & re-autopsies
Exhumation & disinterment autopsies
Toxicology & serology analysis
Med. mal. prac. & wrongful Death Specialist
Tissue & organ procurement/retrieval
Post-mortem neurological diagnosis (e.g. Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s (ALS) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease, Down syndrome, Tourette’s disease, Schizophrenia, (AIDS) acquired immune deficiency syndrome, etc.)
Post-mortem HIV & AIDS diagnosis
Post-mortem Genetic DNA (deoxyrlbonucleic acid) banking
Post-mortem Asbestos procurement/analysis
Post-mortem DNA (Paternity) analysis
Hospital autopsy support (diener) services
Contract autopsy services available
Medical photography & video services
Medical appliance recycling (e.g. eyeglasses, hearing aids, pacemakers, wheelchairs, prosthesis, etc.) See also Wheels for Humanity and Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers.
Autopsy report and medical records reviews.
Production (script/writing, television, movie) consulting
Post-traumatic (Decomposition) clean-up services
Consultations available

“These services are offered, as necessary, to families (next-of-kin), Funeral directors, Cremationists, hospitals, attorneys, transplant institutions, cadaver-tissue research investigators, and other related

With an attorney as a front, that’s a lot of services that are available to investigators… plus they have a fun gift shop. Is it real, or a gag? I don’t know.. there’s got to be some unusual legal matters there.

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