Odd… got added by a couple of people… I wonder where they came from… the hut? the random button? a mutual friend (I suspect friendsfriends)? a random comment I may’ve made? I’m always interested in knowing what brings folks by.

Today should be the day that I get my new place (on paper, anyhow)… I’m getting together with Francesco tonight at about 6:30 to see where the apartment is going, cleanup and price-wise. If everything is still good, I’ll give him first, last and security today. If not, I’ll sleep on any trouble-spots, and then decide if I want to deal with them, or if I want the palace near where I live now. (I’d truly, truly prefer to be near the bro.)

odd thoughts at the laundry yesterday… I found myself wondering what happened to the cranky old guy and if my new ‘mat will be as interesting. I wonder when my new neighbors will be like, wherever I land.

sleeping late with a cat broke 100! as far as I’m concerned, that’s where it belongs.

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