waiting for my ride to check out another alternate… six bills a month, one bedroom, all new interior, owner likes cats. 🙂
It’s a little more than I’d like to pay, but I suspect that it might be my 2nd choice after the bro’s place.

I downloaded scooby-doo… it’s cute, and the voice work was really pretty good. Rowan Atkinson did well, and I liked the main villain for what it was.

after checking the place out, all I have to do today is laundry and commit to more packing. The packing goes slowly, because of all the treasures I’m finding. Lots of memories and thoughts. [update] *Wow*!… that place was a palace for what they were asking… I will certainly take it if the other deal falls through somehow. All new *everything* everywhere… the guy must’ve put $15k into the inside of the place, or own stock in home depot. New tub-sink / fridge/flat surface oven/AC wall units/ top to bottom.

Newt seems to dig the rearrangement of surfaces to roam and lay on.

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