I’m looking to pick up a mountain bike or hybrid for tooling around sometime soon… maybe even as part of my commute to work, depending on weather. a “sitting-up” bike for city and beach traffic.

Stuff I have to make a point of getting –

  • Rack over the rear wheel for spare clothes / books / etc
  • basic tool kit and tire pump
  • *fenders*… I don’t want a skunk strip up my back if it starts to rain…
  • White headlight, red rear reflector, and a red tail light.

Where I live, a bike is legally defined as a vehicle. Same rights to the roadway and must obey the same traffic laws as operators of other vehicles, including stopping for stop signs and traffic lights, riding with the flow of traffic, using lights at night, and yielding right-of-way when entering a roadway.

I may not get the apartment next door to my bro…. it needs a *lot* of work, and I don’t know if the landlord is interested in getting all that needs doing taken care of by the time I’m ready to move in.

I have a few new alternate places lined up… going to give one a look-see tomorrow morning at 9… all new kitchen/bath/tile/doors/appliances, and about $50 more a month than the one near the bro. At this rate, I’m beginning to suspect that one of the alternates is where I’ll end up. Brother rode around his neighborhood, and collected a few excellent phone numbers of places near him… I’ll call them again tomorrow during normal business hours. One sounds especially good.

Argh! why is my lj in read only mode, *now*? (9pm)

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