sleeping late with a cat at what’s better? seems to be stable at 89. I really want it to shoot over 100…

as of this writing – stats are –
Score: 89
Total Number of Wins: 288
Total Number of Votes: 539
Submitted On: 2002-05-27

By comparison…

General Zod: -19
Sleestak: -97
Mr Bubbles: 95
Quizno’s Subs: 56
the illuminatus! trilogy: 49
moist towelettes: 10

sharpie pens are tied at 89.

I’m considering tossing a few more things into the mix, but for now, I’m off to dinner, and then some reading before bed.

nifty keywords that got to my page –

Google clogs and socks
Google shanna the she-devil
Google integrated multimonitor
Google height:4 wrestler
Google first superhero to actually use terms like holy moley
Google pier one commercials kirstie ally

hmm… not many weirdo yahoo hits!

nigh nigh, dear journal.

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