The chair is very nice, and I had a grand brunch and conversation with Dan. πŸ™‚

work today went nicely for me… solid but controlled, and I was happy to see my sweetie.

Chupacabra at work nearly got another person to quit, and she wasn’t even in Chupa’s department. Tia sent a scathing email to *everyone* in management about it, with poor grammar and a lot of slang to boot.

> —–Original Message—–
> From: Tia
> Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2002 11:59 AM
> To: Everyone
> Subject:
> First of all, I DON’T WORK FOR YOU CHUPACABRA !!! [[edited]] and if you were mature
> enough, YOU would come to ME and asked me, instead of around the world.
> Grow up !!! and I’m not sorry for what I said.
> Second of all, talked about nothing to do, you DON’T EITHER.
> Lets not talk about money my Soul Sister !!!
> Tia

I thought that Tia’d be fired over it, but she was only written up, and apparently disciplinary action will be taken with Chupa, too… I don’t know why they put up with so much of Chup’s shenanigans… she has a few good contacts at our parent company, but her bridges are all just about burned at this point. But… I thought that the last time.. and the time before that, and the time before that.

I think it’ll take a silver-tipped stake made of wood driven through her heart, beheading & sewing the mouth shut with garlic and a barium/kryptonite enema before ultimate cremation to drop her from the payroll, at this point, really. I can list off at least nine people that’ve quit as a result of Chupa’s horrid behavior.

But, enough about that.

I’m actually feeling very good today… my sweetie dreamt about me and made me smile all day today.

via cruel site of the day
The Anatomically Correct Teddy Bear is an $199 toy designed to help parents and doctors prepare children for surgery. It also would be the perfect present for a youngster who likes to play-act killing sprees.

Neat.. and they’re out of coconut creek.. just a hop, skip and a jump from here…. what a nifty idea!

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