Got caught in a summer shower during this morning’s walk…it came out of nowhere… warm rain on a sunny day. I’m going to have to put my camera in a Ziploc bag if I’m going to go roaming with it this next month or two.

Does anyone remember when cam was another word for cog? like “cam shaft”? I walked past the body shop, and it took me a second to clear the cobwebs enough to understand why an auto parts place would have a special on cams… (I assumed it was a web camera at first.) Too much time immersed in net-jargon I suppose.

I still miss my Newtie-navbar…I’m going to implement it on my new homepage, I think, just so I can have it back.

Two years ago today – poetry. A year ago, haiku. Time to get back into writing.

I’m glad to see the is getting some use again… it went a little dormant for a while, but a few new users seem to have breathed some fresh life into it.

Form of… a sucky movie! – Warner Bros. Pictures has teamed with Gaylord Films to option the rights to the Hanna-Barbera characters the Wonder Twins, with plans to make a live-action family feature.

That’ll probably change after the Scooby movie bombs. (I’m guessing it will… maybe it’ll be a blockbuster… who knows?)

and now, a moment of Zen.

In a grove of tall bamboos
Beside an ancient temple
Steam rolls from the brazier
In fragrant white clouds.
I’ll show you the path of Sages
Beyond this floating world,
But will you understand
The lasting taste of spring?

– Baisao (1675-1763)

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