It’s Tuesday, and no information regarding the fumigation from the landlord yet. All I know is that Thursday night is being spent somewhere that is not here. I’m going to have to call him up from work and ask what the procedures are going to be for my food, toys, self and Newt are going to be.

The most diplomatic way to put it would be to say “The landlord has poor organizational skills and a lot on his mind.” I can forgive him his oversights easily… if the sale goes through, I’ll never have to deal with him again.

a Newtcam moment

I love his pink little nose. crazy amount of brightness outside… little wonder he likes that sill. Toasty.

This morning’s walk was fruitful… in that I enjoyed being out and about. I think all of the tourists are officially *gone*, now… the roads seem more quiet, sidewalks less busy, and the beach has a much smaller population. I took a few pictures at the pier, and will synch ’em later tonight.

Random Scotto Factoid – I think pelicans are more cute than sandpipers or seagulls. They have a total goofy vibe going, sitting on a wooden post, and then *zoom-dive* they’ve got a beak-net full of fish.

Meet the bugs of Cricket Magazine… I didn’t know it was still being published until today.

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