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Quickie Newtcam Graphic I made for sweetalyssm‘s banner exchange (bottom link on the right, above subscribe)… until I can gather some artistic resources and produce a better one. Not bad for three minutes’ work.

I wish I could say the same for my website. I’m dissatisfied with it, design wise, but I really don’t know in what direction I want to go. I’ve built and scrapped about 20 designs now. My trouble is that I don’t want it to be too graphics intensive, and I don’t want it to look “too typical”… but there’s only so much you can do with words on a page… especially if your graphic arts skills are weak, at best. I’ve wandered from “cave motif” to just earth-tone colored text, to an “entertaining the first visit, annoying the third” hand-drawn on the palm style. I contemplated having my Livejournal as my homepage, and just tweaking the Flash “Road sign” there to point to the rest of my site.

All good-ish ideas… perhaps I’m just being too finicky. There’s no real deadline to produce the design of the page… but I feel like it’s overdue. Perhaps I need to assign myself a deadline, just so that I’ll act on it… not like I can’t change it again later. Perhaps I’ve been doing too much code… very little artistic goodies like writing or any crafts…. I need to pick up the recorder again. Clear the cobs of colors and sounds, and let the math and structure centers cool down a bit.

I’ll think on it from a more horizontal position… perhaps something will come to me in a dream.

Nigh night, dear journal.

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