Regarding the Pet Psychic and the Crossing Over guy.

My personal opinion (and I could be wrong, this is just a first impression) is that they are entertainers, using the same routine many, many showmen have used before them. Both are friendly and charismatic, and offer a nice production though my gut says “Nope”. I’m a skeptic, but not a cynic… I’ve seen folks that I think are more intuitive than others, and I believe that the unknown is out there.. and some folks can tap into that… but these two don’t ring true on my inner “paranormal meter”.

That said… whether you buy into their psychic powers or not (or anyone’s, for that matter)… they do bring comfort and happiness to people, and I think that’s far better than what 99.9% of what television has to offer. If they make a million advertising dollars making people smile, and soothing hearts then more power to ’em. Beats television news and Jerry Springer with a blunt object, repeatedly, in my book as long as they’re not leading anyone down a path of real social or spiritual folly.

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