I reckon I’ll have a Killian’s or two tonight… cheers!

Well… Danny’ll be off starting on Tuesday… I hope to get a good weekday or two in with him while it’s summertime. This week is out, though, considering doctor’s visits, work, and the fumigation.

Off the top of my head-

things that made me smile recently

  • thoughts of her
  • health of loved ones
  • running water
  • weather balloons
  • martial arts on trampolines
  • hide and seek with Newtie
  • white go-go boots
  • knowing the Lone Ranger wouldn’t have much werewolf trouble
  • tattoo scabs
  • the fruitiness of cricket (the “sport”)
  • choco-chip cookies
  • a beer glass that has “you have just been poisoned” printed on the inside bottom

I’ve never been to an actual “Tunnel of Love” at a carnival… only seen them on 60s TV shows. Do they still exist? Did they ever, outside of TV?

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