Well, I’m back, even earlier than I suspected. No meal with the movie, but Dave did bring some tasty chocolate chip cookies. (No funny stuff, just cookies…)

The movie wasn’t bad… it certainly held my focus for two hours. It’s weird seeing a pre-Hunt for Red October Jack Ryan… Played by Alec Baldwin there and also Harrison Ford a couple of times. I wonder how much it varied from the book… Since Tom Clancy is from Maryland, there was a lot of MD stuff happening, some of it quite distressing, as I have loved ones living there. (Speaking of Which… there’s supposed to be rain all next week there, according to my sources at Yahoo and Valhalla.)

I look forward to spending a little quality time tonight with my sweetie, if all goes to plan. I’m awake, though my eyes look tired. I was going to order out, but now, I think I’ll work on some of the food I have in the pantry. A nice supper of veggies and rice should do the trick nicely.

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